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Verifier Questions


I need to register and I’m unsure of what to do.

  1. Visit website at and select the "I'm a Verifier" button.
  2. Select the VERIFIER type you are (i.e. Commercial Verifier or Social Service Agency).
  3. The system will prompt you to REGISTER.
  4. Fill out the online application and submit that over to us in order to get setup, we will validate the information such as work email address, company address, and your manager/supervisor contact information (Compliance Contact).
  5. After we confirm you as a verifier in the system, you will receive an email indicating you are registered and ready to verify employment in our system.
  6. It can take 24-48 hrs. for your application to get approved & your account becomes activated, once that is done you will be provided with a login and you will be able to use our system to retrieve employee verifications.

I need to add additional verifiers to our account.

We do not allow more than one user on a Verifiers individual user account.
You can have as many users as you require register with our service. We do recommend that each verifier using the service register with our site in order to have their own user account setup. This helps us keep track of who specifically pulled the Verification report from within your organization.

I forgot my password.

Click on the “Forgot Password” link, a link will be sent to your email to reset your password.
Email our customer support team at in order to obtain your login credentials, or need assistance gaining access to your account.

I want to see past verifications I have done.

  1. The verifier must log in to their user account in Verifyfast.
  2. All the orders the verifier has placed will be under "COMPLETED REPORTS" section of the account.
  3. Click the "View" link to see the report.
  4. Click "Receipt" to view your purchase receipt/order.

Managing Verifications

The verification does not have the right info, what do I do?

  1. The verifier should contact our Customer Support team by emailing or calling 877-400-4397 to submit your discrepancy case. Be prepared to submit backup documentation to support discrepancy (i.e. W2 records / paystub records along with VOE pulled from our site). This makes it easier for our team to make any necessary corrections to the record. It is faster to send in your request through the solutions email as we will need to collect the supporting docs mentioned above in order to start a “discrepancy case” for you.
  2. The VerifyFast support staff will pull up the verification that was completed for the employee.
  3. The file will be reviewed and the support staff will reach back out to the verifier with a final, updated verification (free of charge).

I don’t want to pay a fee for the verification, what do I do?

The price is in line with the cost to support the service. In addition, we are in line with our competitors who have charged a similar price for the last 17 years.
You can also get the verification from the employee directly. They do have access to their own employee record free of charge (1 Free VOI a year). This is the employee generated copy, this copy will have a watermark that states this report was generated by the employee. This is usually intended as the employees copy of the verification report from our site. This information is provided by the employer’s HR/Payroll Dept.

I do not want to go to the website and want to get the verification directly from a VerifyFast representative.

Each verifier must create an account to retrieve a verification of employment/income. We do not provide verifications via phone, mail, fax, or email. As a 3rd party, we do not have authorization to fill out any documents on the employer’s behalf. ALL Verification must be processed through our secure site.

I would like additional information not on the normal VOE, VOI, such as attendance record, what should I do?

We only provide objective information that is not subject to interpretation. We have no obligation legally to provide any information beyond what is in the VOE/VOI/SS requests.

What if the request of verification is related to a garnishment?

We redirect all questions related to garnishments back to the employer’s HR department since we do not address garnishment related questions.