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Employee Questions


For new employees

If you are a fairly new employee you may not be in the system yet. It can take 2-3 weeks AFTER you have collected your 1st pay check to be established in the system. If that is the case you will need to go back to your employer for some other type of documentation or proof of your employment with them.

How to do I access my employee generated verification report? Employee 1st time login process

  1. Visit and select the “I’m an Employee” option to log in.
  2. Select "This is my first time logging in" button and then click Continue button.
  3. Enter your company code and continue.
  4. The system will give you some information on the types of verifications we offer, hit Continue to go to the next page.
    • For Hire Date Validation you will need: SSN, Date of Birth, and the Month/Year of your hire date
    • For Address Validation you will need: SSN and your Date of Birth
  5. Once you have gained access to your employee account the system will require you to UPDATE your account information (i.e. update your email & create a password) This is required for you to be able to login to your account in the future and obtain future verifications.
  6. Final Step - "Select Retrieve Verification" to view employee copy of the verification report.

I forgot my password to login what do I do?

  1. Login to the employee portal on our website by entering your email address and clicking on the “forgot password” link.
  2. Follow the instructions to update your password.

How secure is my personal data?

The information is stored in a SSAE 16 secure environment and nobody has access to personal information unless they are granted verifier access and VerifyFast has validated the verifier has a permissible purpose.

Managing Verifications

I need instructions on what to do.

If you need help using our website, please email our support team at – They will send you some step-by-step instructions on how to access this information from our site.

A verifier wants to verifier my employment, what should I do?

Refer the verifier to our website,, and instruct them to Register with our service. You will have to provide them with the following information so that they can pull your record:
  • Company code
  • Employee full Social Security Number
  • Income Key/Pin

I want a copy of the verification that was given to the verifier, where can I get one?

You can login to the employee section on our website and pull down a water-marked copy of any verification that has been done one you.

My verification did not have the right info, what do I do?

Contact the VerifyFast support team by emailing or calling 877-400-4397. The VerifyFast support staff will pull up the verification that was completed for you and review the fields.
The file will be reviewed and the support staff will reach back out to you and your employer with a final verification.

I forgot my employer’s company code what do I need to do?

Refer to your HR department for your company code.

I’m not sure what my Income Key/Pin and/or Company Code is, what do I do?

The Company Code is ALWAYS needed when a verifier needs to verify your employment history. The Income Key/PIN feature is only needed when a verifier needs to verify your income information along with your employment dates & current status.
  1. Login to the employee portal on our website by selecting "I am an employee" and entering credentials.
  2. Select “Income Key/PIN” to view your Company Code & Income Key/Pin information.
  3. If applicable, accept the terms & conditions and click “Add Income Key.”

Will the VOE state if I were terminated from my job.

The answer is no. The employment verification only states the start date, end date and if the employee is active or not.